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National Skills Fund


Training and Developement at PE College through National Skills Fund


The National Skills Fund is a fund located within the Department of labour.  The fund was established in terms of the Skills Development Act, 1998.  These funds are used  to fund:

  • Projects identified in the National Skills Development Strategy as national priorities.


Project Focus

The main focus is to train previously disadvantaged and the unemployed in critical skills as determined by the NSDS III, HRDS, NGP, Provincial and Municipal IDP to target unemployment and eradicate poverty.


Programmes Offered In This Project

  • New Venture Creation L2
  • Hairdressing L2-L4
  • Early Childhood Development L4
  • Artisan Development N1-N2 and Modular Training


New Venture Creation (SERVICES SETA)

The New Venture Creation Programme is designed to equip nascent entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to start a scalable business. Support and mentorship forms a big part with seda ECDC support in this programme.


Hairdressing (SERVICES SETA)

This very popular course has necessitated the building of new salons.Hairdressing courses teach students skills in cutting, coloring and styling hair. Students learn about cutting-edge techniques as well as the latest hair styles and trends. 


Early Childhood Development (ETDP SETA)

Early Childhood Development qualification is seen as a scarce skill both Nationally (ETDP seta sector skills plan) and provincially (EC Intergrated Development Plan).It is seen as a first in laying the foundation in General Education. In South Africa, Early Childhood Development ( ECD) is a priority and is supported by legislation, national policies and strategies.

Artisan Development N1-N2 And Modular Training

This programme is meant for identified learners who are on, or aspiring to be apprenticed.This is seen as a key economic provincial driver. These learners will also be provided with modular Training as a practical training in workshops at the college to improve the learners` skills in preparation to trade testing.