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Tiffany Mary-Anne Johnson

Registered with the HPCSA Board as a Registered Counsellor.

Experience in conducting Counselling, Assessments and Psycho-educational workshops with Children with Special Needs and Adolescence Youth.

My dreams and Ambitions are to grow as a Student Counsellor, Obtain my Masters in Counselling Psychology with my main focus being on Youth and Young Adults making way into the working world. I also would like to open my own private practice in the northern areas focused on family counselling, drug and alcohol abuse and physical abuse.

Zinzisa Deliwe

I have completed a 4-year Bachelor of Psychology at NMMU (now NMU).

My experience includes

Missionvale Psychology Clinic: Psychometric testing, individual counselling and psycho-educational workshops

Westview School: Individual Counselling and psycho-educational workshops

My goals and ambitions

To have a youth centre that promotes the psychological wellbeing of the youth.

To promote stress management and study support for students in schools, colleges and universities.



Andre Page

I am a 24-year-old South African coloured male who is currently employed on a 12-month learnership contract as a Career Development Officer (CDO) at Port Elizabeth TVET College.

I consider myself a person-centred Registered Counsellor dedicated to meaningfully contributing to the lives of other individuals. I am a caring, empathetic, responsible and motivated counsellor employing an approach that puts emphasis on helping the client to form an appropriate understanding of their world and themselves. The philosophy that people are essentially good, and that ultimately the individual knows what is right for them, is an essential ingredient of the counselling processes which I facilitate.

The training and experience that I was exposed to – over the course of my studies and during a 6-month internship at NMMU Student Counselling, Career and Development Centre – focused on performing primary psychological interventions to enhance persons emotional functioning and mental well-being. These interventions or services which are offered to all registered PE TVET College students deal with a range of issues including the following expertise:


· Personal, emotional, welfare and relationship concerns

· Trauma and personal crisis

· Negative peer pressure

· Substance abuse

· Domestic violence or other forms of physical, sexual or emotional abuse

· Sexual orientation concerns

· Career concerns

·  Academic and learning concerns 

At PE TVET College Student Counselling Services we want to assist in our students’ development of tools & resources, as well as good effective coping strategies for self-empowerment that will lead them to more fulfilment. Therefore, we encourage students to make use of our services and to contact us for any further information or inquiries.


Courses Offered

Russell Road Campus

Dower Campus

B Studies E studies U Studies Occu