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National Accredited Technical Education Diploma (Nated)

National Accredited Technical Education Diploma (NATED) programmes are delivered under the auspices of the Department of Higher Education and Training. The programmes consist of 18 months theoretical studies at colleges and 18 months relevant practical application in work places. Engineering studies range from N1-N6 while Business and Utility Studies range from N4-N6.

The ultimate goal of the Nated courses is to award the student studying the course an N6 Diploma. 


Duration: 1 Year for N1 - N3 Engineering Studies 

                1 Year for N4 - N6 Engineering Studies

                3 Years (18 months theoretical studies + 18 months workplace application) for

                N4 - N6 Business and Utility Studies


Qualification: N6 Diploma

Admission Requirements: Grade 9 for N1 admission

                                          Grade 12 for N4 admission