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Internal Continuous Assessment (ICASS)

Internal Continuous Assessment (ICASS) and Integrated Summative Assessment (ISAT) Marks if a student fails a subject in the November examination and the supplementary examination immediately following that he/she is required to re-generate an ICASS mark and re-register for the following November examination.

If a student needs to re-generate an ICASS mark she/he must register for the specific subject(s) within the relevant Division:

  • Students will have to complete a Portfolio of Evidence (POE).
  • Additional interventions will be at the initiative and cost of the various Divisions for student accounts.

An ISAT is valid for three (3) years. A student is not allowed to re-generate an ISAT mark after 3 years
have lapsed, unless he/she was forced to exit the system for a period of time and was unable to complete
a qualification, within the prescribed 3 years. Evidence to this effect must be provided.

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