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Success Stories

Claudia du Plessis Level 4 IT student was thrilled when she received a SMS from the Community College organizers informing her that she was selected to study in the success1United States of America. Claudia says since level 2 she made it her goal to fight for this opportunity. The news came in the middle of the summer holidays which made the holiday even better. This youngster knows what she wants as it shows in her passing all level 4 subjects and obtaining a distinction in one of them.

Part of the programme is that Claudia had to do an English exam and undergo a medical test which all went well. Family and friends of Claudia support her fully as this young lass prepares to explore the future. Claudia maintains "turn your negatives into positives", that's how she did it!

Alpha Klaas, a Tourism level 4 student welcomed the news that he planned to hear so long ago. Alpha is passionate about his chosen career field in success2Tourism. He absolutely loves this fast paced lifestyle of glamour and entertainment even if he has to work. Hoping to go to Texas, Alpha describes this exposure as the cherry on the top. His family is happy, excited and proud of his achievements. The interview was awesome, like chatting to my friends. My trip includes travel, accommodation, study bursary, pocket money and so much more.

Both students are excited to pack their bags and ready to leave in July 2013.

A follow up article will bring you all the details.

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